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The North Jersey Kayak Bass Fishing Club was established in 2018 and we are KBF Partner club.  We were formed by a group of friends who met volunteering for the New Jersey Chapter of Heroes on the Water.  Everything came together perfectly. We formed a fantastic leadership team and accumulated a great group of members, from all walks of life, who all share a passion for kayak bass fishing. 

We host approximately two tournaments per month beginning in April and ending in October.  All our tournaments are Catch-Photo-Release (CPR) and hosted on now hosted on Fishing Chaos. Members can win cash and prizes as well as qualify for regional and national-level KBF competition.

If you are a curious beginner who wants a taste of competitive kayak bass fishing or are a seasoned angler who would like to test your skills against some of the best kayak bass fisherman in New Jersey, we invite you to fish with us as a guest at one of our open events!

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