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NJKBFC Club Membership

Anyone may join the North Jersey Kayak Bass Fishing Club, however minors must be accompanied by a legal guardian. Members must attend or participate in 7 total events per year. An event is a tournament, monthly meeting, or community outreach event. 


Annual Dues: $50

Club Benefits:

  • Fishing Online  10% OFF 
  • Ketch Products  10% OFF 
  • Zeko Shoes  50% OFF 
  • Gillz Performance Apparel  25% OFF 
  • Tourneytag  10% OFF 

  • Bass Junkie Jigs  10% OFF 

  • Da Bomb Anchor Company  15% OFF 


Becoming a NJKBFC Member:

  1. You must also join KBF as an AmBASSador, Premium, or Lifetime member (link)

  2. Register and pay your annual dues via Fishing Chaos (link)



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